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•J Lance: Professional Photographer and owner of J Lance Imaging studios in North Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

•J has two Master Degrees with one being in education and a Secondary California Teaching Credential in Fine Art where she taught High School Art and Photography in Southern California.

•She attended SVA where she received a MPS, (Masters In Professional Studies/ Digital Photography )- her 2nd Master's Degree.

•J specializes in Portrait and Dance Photography and in addition is an expert retoucher.

•J has won multiple awards for her work including First Place Over All Winner of the SAPPI award, and a Recipient of The Eddie Adams Workshop. Additionally she has been published by multiple magazines and books, including NYC Photo book, and Adobe Photoshop's CS 6 retouching book.

•J has her studio located in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY and shoots high-end portraits using the Hasselblad H4D and Pro-Foto lighting setup. In addition, she has a state-of-the-art digital lab where clients are able to view their images as she shoots on her high end Mac Pro and 30" high def monitor.

•J Lance is an artist and spares no expenses when it comes to the quality of her work. She has done photography workshops with renowned artists; Calvin Hollywood in London, Greg Gorman in Hollywood, and surf photographer extraordinaire, Art Brewer in Puerto Rico. (Along with Malcolm Lightner from SVA). And in addition, she has assisted Heinze Klutemeir,photographer from Sports Illustrated (famous for the image and SI cover, Miracle on Ice)

•And last but not least; J teaches digital photography and is a private tutor for photography, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Call, text or email for more information: (646) 801-4790, (619) 249-3035 or info@jlanceimaging.com

J Lance - Services

•Portrait Photography
•Event Photography
•Private Tutor/Teacher : Digital Photography, Studio Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom
•Email or call for more information:
(646) 801-4790, (619) 249-3035 or info@jlanceimaging.com
Hours are by appointment and are flexible to meet your schedule.

•Email for more information:
J Lance Imaging

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(646) 801-4790   (619) 249-3035
Hours are by appointment and are flexible to meet your schedule.